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1819 – The Marian sanctuary of Notre Dame du Laus is entrusted to the Missionaries as a place of permanent mission. During the warm months, the Missionaries welcomed pilgrims and preached the Gospel to them, while during the colder months they went to the surrounding villages to preach parish missions. This sanctuary was the first of 9 Marian shrines entrusted to the Oblates in France during Eugene’s lifetime

To this end, I invoke the intercession of the Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, daring to remind her in all humility, but with consolation, of the filial devotion of my whole life, and of the desire I have always had to make her known and loved, and to spread her devotion everywhere through the ministry of those whom the Church has given to me as children, who have had the same desire as myself…

Eugene de Mazenod’s will, 1 August 1854, E.O. XV n. 191

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