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In recent weeks I have reproduced the previously-published reflections on “Who is Eugene de Mazenod” to coincide with the feast of St. Eugene and with the Oblate vocations novena. In the past year the number of adherents to the site has increased as well as the interest through the links in Facebook and Twitter. Many of the new readers have appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the person and mission of Eugene.

Tomorrow we pick up again from where we left off in our chronological journey through the writings of Eugene. We left him in Rome after the Church’s approval of our Congregation and our Rules and all that this meant for the Oblates:

From now on how can we not be overwhelmed with gratitude towards God and, looking seriously at ourselves, not attach ourselves still more to the Society which has just obtained such convincing proofs of the protection of the Lord, to whom we now belong in quite another manner since, in the hierarchical order, it is by her that we are attached to the supreme Head of the Church who is the sovereign moderator thereof.
Now is the time to adopt this “esprit de corps” which incites us not to be surpassed by any other community in faithfulness to the Rule, etc….

Letter to Henri Tempier, 9 March 1826, EO VII n. 229

“To remember what God has done and continues to do for me, for us, to remember the road we have traveled; this is what opens our hearts to hope for the future. May we learn to remember everything that God has done in our lives.”   Pope Francis

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