The First Meeting of the Central Team with the Contact Persons from the 5 Regions.

Left to Right Top: David Lopez omi, (CWT);Fabio Ciardi omi, (CWT);Pauline Thomas, Europe; Mary Tyrrell (CWT).

Centre: Sebastian Cortes, CIAL; Sandra Prather, CROCUS; Stefano Dominici, (CWT) Gigi Espinosa, AORC.

Bottom: David Munoz omi, (CWT); Shanil J omi, (CWT) Mildred March, AMR; Peter Stoll omi (CWT).

The meeting was mainly an introductory one, getting to know one another. Also there was sharing of what has been done so far in regard to the Congress.

The role of the contact persons is essential so as to be a bridge / a connection between the the Regions and the Central Working Team.

The contact persons were very keen to move ahead working together with their regional Teams, making sure in their region the necessary preparations will be done so as to ensure a successful Congress next May 2022.

19 June 2021

There was an informal virtual meeting of the Central Working Team (CWT) with the Regional Team (RT) from Canada – USA.

This was the first of a series of virtual visits by the Central Working Team (CWT)to the various Regional Teams (RT) so as to listen and share about the Lay Associations in the Region and also so hear some questions and hopes for the Lay Associations Congress next year.

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