THE 2ND OBLATE LAY ASSOCIATIONS CONGRESS – Gatherings that Took place Virtually or Physically IN – Europe

This Page is waiting for PHOTOS news… please send to WITH WHAT CITY, COUNTRY AND HOW MANY GATHERED.


SEND TO – — Fr. Pawel – The Provincial of Poland welcomes all to the gathering


L-R. Olivier Stevens, Barbara Ramrath, Federico Marangoni, Patryk Dawid OMI – The European Preparatory Team. Fr. Giuseppe Rubino OMI is in Sassone and Pauline Thomas is in the General House Hub.
Fr. Guiseppe Rubino OMI & Pauline Thomas

In the Chapel for one of their Eucharists

Here is a link for OneDrive, where David from the central european province has postet the fotos he made in Kokotek.!Am6-T1LKNECZim-6UC4E67ypL6Z0?e=RERbg6

Password: 2OLAC!2022kokoTEK?

Have fun to look at them!

Kokotek Photo after eucharist
Even Time for Dancing !!!
Wonderful witnessing after the Congress


A group gathered in Crewe ,
Saying Hello to all the Oblate Family around the world.

Sassone outside Rome

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