Welcome to the Congress! Only about 100 Days to go

Let us Pray for the Congress together:

and also let us work harder for these last 100 days before the congress. Amen!!

Fr. Joseph Sadio OMI
Fr. David Lopez OMI
Gigi Velasquez-Espinosa
Mildred March from Johannesburg SA.

the IMPORTANT Questions mentioned that we would like to receive responses to, can be found here on this link to

Documents and Articles.

Please contact you unit superior or your unit contact team and send responses back to the Regional Team or the Region Contact persons. We have only about 100 days left. God Bless you all! (The Central Working Team)

The Prayer

Loving and creator God,

we praise and thank you for all You do and have done for us. Following Jesus our loving Saviour and in the footsteps of St Eugene, as members of the worldwide Oblate family, we seek to serve You, the Church and each other with gentleness and most importantly to serve the marginalized and abandoned people in our areas.

St Eugene urged his followers to leave “nothing un-dared” for the Gospel.

May this be our constant hope and prayer too. Inspire all members of the Oblate family to live, work and pray together so that the Good News of salvation will be seen and heard through our words and actions.

We pray especially that the Spirit of God may grant us an increase in our love and unity as Oblate Associations as we prepare for the  2nd Lay Associations Congress.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate. 

Prayer in French

Prayer in Spanish

We, Oblates with our Oblate Lay Associates, are in many ways still on the Emmaus journey like the Disciples of Jesus

Lay Associations

We, Oblates and Oblate Lay Associates, are in many ways still on the Emmaus walk like the Disciples of Jesus “with our hearts burning with new vision, new hope, and new energy.” 

Associations Laïques Oblates

Nous, Oblats et Oblats laïcs associés, sommes à bien des égards encore sur le chemin d’Emmaüs comme les disciples de Jésus « avec nos cœurs brûlants avec une nouvelle vision, un nouvel espoir et une nouvelle énergie. » 

Asociaciones Laicas Oblatas

Los Oblatos y los Asociados Oblatos Laicos, estamos aún en el camino de Emaús de diversas formas, como los Discípulos de Jesús “con nuestros corazones ardiendo con una nueva visión, nueva esperanza y nueva energía.”

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The Central Working Team.

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