Events – Gatherings that are taking place around the World – Canada – USA

19 June – There was an informal virtual meeting of the Central working Team (CWT) with the Regional Team (RT) from Canada – USA.

This was the first of a series of virtual visits by the Central Working Team (CWT)to the various Regional Teams (RT) so as to listen and share about the Lay Associations in the Region and also so hear some questions and hopes for the Lay Associations Congress next year.


We are very thankful to Fr. Frank for letting us republish on our 2nd Oblate Lay Associations Congress’s Web his series, “WHO IS ST. EUGENE?” This is very helpful for people who are just learning about him. So we recommend to all to go and read the Blogs. They are short and just give a brief idea of this man, priest, bishop, founder and SAINT.

On June 7th we start another series by Fr. Frank entitled OUR BICENTENARY

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