Events – Gatherings that are taking place around the World

17 July 2021 First Asia Oceania Lay Associations gathering

This went very well. Most units were present. Turkmenistan was absent because they will join the European group. Because it was a virtual meeting it was recommended that all participants should be on their individual devices (Laptop-PC or other) so they could actively take part in the groups and get to know people in the region. Because this was the first gathering it was decided to limit the number to 1 Oblate with 3 lay people per unit.

All units were asked to make a video presentation of about 6 to 10 min max. Giving a brief introduction to Unit (context of mission, country, size, number of Oblates and history) then: –

What is the Unit’s vision for working with lay people?

What are the future projects for ministry with lay people?

The day began with prayer prepared by the Philippines. Australia, Colombo, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand presented theirs videos. India presented a ppt presentation and China and Jaffna gave a spoken presentation. The participants totaled 38.

IT – Coordinator Christian Fini OMI; Facilitators: Roshan Silva OMI; Gerry de los Reyes OMI; Rome: Rev Fr. Louis Lougen OMI, Peter Stoll OMI

Australia – Nimmi Candappa, Mary, Kyle. Andrew Chen OMI, David Francis OMI

Bangladesh: Andrew ANTHONY, Shuvro Rego, Sagor L. Rozario OMI, Subash Gomes OMI

China – Giovanni Zevola OMI

Colombo – Srilal, Hiranthia, Srian OMI

Jaffna: John Patrick OMI

Japan – Midori, Stephan, Suggeun

India – Jaba Malai, Meena Nelson, Julian, David Kumar OMI

Indonesia – Titi; Wayan, Istar, Wasono OMI

Philippines: Lilian, Gigi, Jess S.,  Ed OMI

Thailand – Veronica, Domenico OMI

Marie S. Abayaratna from which unit?

Monica Rozario from which unit?

There were several times for breakout groups so people could get to know each other. And there were 2 sessions in discussion groups to answer several questions.



Link to the prepared Videos of the units

Link to the actual video of zoom sessions

Link to the results of the discussion sessions

Link to some more Photos.

19 June – There was an informal virtual meeting of the Central working Team (CWT) with the Regional Team (RT) from Canada – USA.

This was the first of a series of virtual visits by the Central Working Team (CWT)to the various Regional Teams (RT) so as to listen and share about the Lay Associations in the Region and also so hear some questions and hopes for the Lay Associations Congress next year.


We are very thankful to Fr. Frank for letting us republish on our 2nd Oblate Lay Associations Congress’s Web his series, “WHO IS ST. EUGENE?” This is very helpful for people who are just learning about him. So we recommend to all to go and read the Blogs. They are short and just give a brief idea of this man, priest, bishop, founder and SAINT.

On June 7th we start another series by Fr. Frank entitled OUR BICENTENARY

Poland 21-23 May 2021

Gathering in Siedlce
On May 21-23, a preparatory meeting for the lay congress was held in Siedlce in Poland. For the first time, the meeting was held live, the previous meetings were held on-line. It was attended by representatives of the parish and Oblate works. It was a time of getting to know each other, seeing where we are today as a Polish province, what Oblate associations for the laity exist in our country. It was also a time of prayer and a better understanding of the charism of St. Eugene de Mazenod. We are planning the next meeting in September in Iława.

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